This week? I actually went to a Golf Show in Glasgow & had a nice walk to get there

And it, Bunkered Live 2022 – SEC, Glasgow, was not only fascinating with the amount of people, almost ALL men, who were there but also with the different stands that were there. But first, I had a nice walk there through the Sandyford area of Glasgow – Very pleasant. This area has undergone a transformation recently, with gentrification, more students and an incredible amount of class restaurants / cafes popping up.

The first part passed by the old Kelvin Hall, which has been purchased by Glasgow University a few years ago, as the yooni is undertaking a large refurbishment / new builds project in the area. And then passed by the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, and several other highlights such as the cherry blossom trees and a mosque from the Ahmadiyya part of Islam.

The next continued through some tenements of Sandyford, before we went through the 80s looking overpass / tunnel, to finally arrive at the Scottish Exhibition Centre (SEC).

It was the number of “contests” at the exhibition, that seemed to me where all the “real men” who were there, were interested in. These ranged from “Golf Darts”, to sand trap skills, to a chipping contest to get closest to the pin.

Golf Darts anyone?

Equally, a number of stalls had nothing to do with golf. These ranged from, believe or not, someone from the WWF and / or the Scottish Wildlife Trust, to an organic cat food stall, who I believe were from the Republic of Cats? Who would’ve thought! Who knows, they must have done some research as to just who would attend.

Join the Cat Revolution!



This week – Germany, other things, but wait, another, new Chinese Cafe’ we have in Glasgow

And what a name and quote to go with it:

I Love You Desserts – 23 Byres Road,Glasgow

“The world is a little bitter, I want to give you a little Sweet” – how darling!

I will have to check this place out, as I just LOVE sweets and note that this is hopefully another triumph here in the West End, and will add even more to the variety here and to the variety of the recent explosion of Chinese eateries in this particular area.


George Square, Glasgow – Illuminations for Christmas

What a surprise, a look at Glasgow’s quite small Christmas Market, dinner at a new restaurant on a very busy Glasgow Friday night, and then a completely pleasant walk into a very bright George Square – superb.

It started between the Xmas market, where we noticed a well known busker, Ben Montieth, who was an opener for Emilie Sands a few years ago, drawing a large crowd:

To a walk along Buchanan Street, itself very well lit up!

To the lights in George Square themselves, where my first impression was the simple amount of them! It turned the night into day, with many photo opportunities. First were the lights on the City Hall,

To various shots that included the Nativity Scene and some reindeer.

To the final shot, where a good deal of people, including our party, took a shot of themselves inside a lighted, hollow sphere.

I think it’s a Christmas bulb?


More Glasgow street life; rain and floods –

I do a lot of walking about Glasgow; one of the perks of being self-employed and having the time, and often forcing myself to get outside from behind my desk.

I love it, no problem at all, but the weather has started to change. It’s not only colder but very wet. Look at these statistics for the rainfall we have in Glasgow, Scotland! It’s a large quantity and but an even longer duration of the stuff we receive here, and owing that we are on the west side of Scotland, it’s more considerable than on the eastern part of Scotland.

Just this past week, we have been inundated with rain for several days, which resulted (along with the leaves blocking the street drains) in many areas that were under water. It is now past but still amazes me that this occurs.


The Week Ahead (I was hospitalised last week) / More Glasgow Street Art –

It seems that with the last 18 months now, there is more and more political expression, or at least more time to express yourself!

I caught this on Great Western Road in the West End of Glasgow, and thought that for many, it sums up what some are thinking (Ed; Naturally we never do politics here!).

Street Art in Glasgow

And if that doesn’t get you off, we now have ice cream for dogs! At good ole Tinderbox in Byres Road.

Do they actually sell this?

More life, travels and various this week, whilst I recover from surgery.


Glasgow – More Street Art / Posters – Have an Interactive Wander . . .

Interesting poster:

Audio trail in the West End of Glasgow

You always wonder why some of this type of thing, has not been done before and in even greater quantities.

This “democratisation” of tourist “things”, such as museums, exhibitions, public parks, etc, can only be a good thing, and at the same time actually will spread the areas where tourists (and locals!) can go to encounter the tourist experience.

I approve wholeheartedly.


Glasgow shot of the week – Gardner Street – Steep!

Gardner Street, Partick, Glasgow

It actually doesn’t look that steep here, but I assure you, you should try to jog it! Like these guys do:

Glasgow Warriors Rugby Club training

It is known in the Glasgow area as not only steep, but also where a mad Scotsman tried snowboarding a few years ago (I believe it was 2017?), when we had the so called “Beast from the East” late snowstorm; though I think the video is of another one who tried this, the past year.

Either way, it’s impressive!


Glasgow Photo of the Week / Naked Soup, Café, West End, Glasgow –

Interesting to note, that the trees and other “shrubbery” have seemed to increase in size the last few years?  Or is it me?  Or . . .  is it that we more or less had a drought the last few months, and when the rains finally came the roots had increased, and the subsequent growth is maxed out?  Don’t know, but it looked quite green and lush.

Afterwards, walked back to Byres Road, and after a quick left, right, finally decided to go to Naked Soup, that I had seen the last few weeks, with tables on the pavement later in the evening. 

Thought this was strange, so after ordering a pint (they had one draft beer, the delightful Loch Fyne lager, and had a cooler full of other world beers in a bottle), was told that they’ve been renovated / changed a few months ago, and now serve the soup only until 3.30pm, with the remaining opening time to 9 or 10 for serving drinks, etc.

Hallelujah!  We need more of these type of café’s / bistros / places to get a pint but are not a pub herein Glasgow.  Long may it be so!


The Week Ahead . . . It’s hot here in the West of Scotland

This week, will try to put some photos of previous travels, as I am all “travelled out” and due to Corona, may not travel (and have not travelled) for a while.

In addition, will finally start several “series” about life in Glasgow; by looking at many of the small “green areas” we have here in the city, and a look at more of the wonderful church architecture that we have here as well.

But first, it’s hot! And it seems to be almost a desert forming here as a recent trip to play golf north of Glasgow shows.


Glasgow – Pictures for the Week – Hillhead

I’ve noticed that the yooni is redesigning the layout / use of its University Avenue, and have started to change several things there. One is the installation of poles to provide some distance between the pavements and street, in front of the GUU (Glasgow University Union). No doubt a welcome change.

The other, along the road, are new pavements to the southern side of the avenue, yet are minus (so far) the old bike lanes? Not sure what to make of this, though will hope that there is some compromise for the bikes owners of the West End.

The other shots, are of Hillhead Library, which I simply do not know what the council were thinking of, when they replaced older buildings here in 1975 to construct this piece of brutalism.

Notice in many of the photos, there are different shades of gray! C’mon Glasgow, you can do better.