Glasgow Photo of the Week / Naked Soup, Café, West End, Glasgow –

Interesting to note, that the trees and other “shrubbery” have seemed to increase in size the last few years?  Or is it me?  Or . . .  is it that we more or less had a drought the last few months, and when the rains finally came the roots had increased, and the subsequent growth is maxed out?  Don’t know, but it looked quite green and lush.

Afterwards, walked back to Byres Road, and after a quick left, right, finally decided to go to Naked Soup, that I had seen the last few weeks, with tables on the pavement later in the evening. 

Thought this was strange, so after ordering a pint (they had one draft beer, the delightful Loch Fyne lager, and had a cooler full of other world beers in a bottle), was told that they’ve been renovated / changed a few months ago, and now serve the soup only until 3.30pm, with the remaining opening time to 9 or 10 for serving drinks, etc.

Hallelujah!  We need more of these type of café’s / bistros / places to get a pint but are not a pub herein Glasgow.  Long may it be so!



Author: shylustig

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