Glasgow – Pictures for the Week – Hillhead

I’ve noticed that the yooni is redesigning the layout / use of its University Avenue, and have started to change several things there. One is the installation of poles to provide some distance between the pavements and street, in front of the GUU (Glasgow University Union). No doubt a welcome change.

The other, along the road, are new pavements to the southern side of the avenue, yet are minus (so far) the old bike lanes? Not sure what to make of this, though will hope that there is some compromise for the bikes owners of the West End.

The other shots, are of Hillhead Library, which I simply do not know what the council were thinking of, when they replaced older buildings here in 1975 to construct this piece of brutalism.

Notice in many of the photos, there are different shades of gray! C’mon Glasgow, you can do better.



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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