More Glasgow street life; rain and floods –

I do a lot of walking about Glasgow; one of the perks of being self-employed and having the time, and often forcing myself to get outside from behind my desk.

I love it, no problem at all, but the weather has started to change. It’s not only colder but very wet. Look at these statistics for the rainfall we have in Glasgow, Scotland! It’s a large quantity and but an even longer duration of the stuff we receive here, and owing that we are on the west side of Scotland, it’s more considerable than on the eastern part of Scotland.

Just this past week, we have been inundated with rain for several days, which resulted (along with the leaves blocking the street drains) in many areas that were under water. It is now past but still amazes me that this occurs.



Germany – Final Musings (miscellaneous Fotos) –

To end my thoughts on my recent trip to Deutschland, where I was predominantly in Hesse, the Pfalz and finally, Franconia in Bavaria – I’ve a variety of very different photos for your perusal.

Whilst there, the early days of campaigning were underway for the German parliament elections – there were signs everywhere, with each being highly different!

The other shots range from the always, underrated cuisine, to city centre BMX / Roller Skate tracks, to cars, to small chapels, to freight canals, to signs for various bike paths, to where I got my PCR test to travel back to the UK, and finally part of the old Berlin Wall.


Kaf Cafe’ – Free Bread!

Have you ever walked by something in the street, and thought it was strange, until you investigated it?

It happened to me earlier today, whilst having an early Sunday morning walk, lo and behold, there were loaves of bread on a bench (attached to the frontage) in front of Kaf cafe’.

I decided on the cheddar, chipotle & rosemary, delish!


Have you heard of “Begpackers”?

According to Zerohedge / the Guardian, this trend is reaching a critical mass in parts of Asia. Both articles make a good read, and as usual, the comments sections can be OTT. Personally, I’ve seen this in Hong Kong and it was not a big deal. You can either contribute or pass the “begpackers” while they hold their signs, sitting on the street (In my case, the “BP” was standing on a fence!). Equally, there would be plenty of options for the said governments, if they wished to solve this (if need be). Any views?