Euro Trip – Germany and France – A random walk in Bavaria

Yes, in Bavaria again, and I have always found it very good, to just go for a walk and see if there is anything different that strikes me.

I’ve been to Germany many times, but something always hits me, that many who have not been here, would probably find quite odd.

Yes, the above is a gigantic (not sure if I’ve blogged on this before) climbing wall, right next to a children’s school or nursery (a KITA perhaps).

With a smaller wall, for the children I presume?

It’s part of a private climbing club, and is right in the middle of a housing estate; though looks very well maintained. And the walk there, involved some grapes, growing on a wall by the sidewalk! Amazing.

Equally, just round the corner, as this was a Sunday walk, I came across one of these huge quality / inexpensive German supermarkets, where the amount and variety of goods is simply amazing.

This was a Kaufland, and owing to German laws, it is not open on Sundays! In fat, NOTHING is open on Sundays, except bakeries, some restaurants, and petrol stations (There may be more, but I’m simply not sure).

As you can see, NO ONE is there, as the car park is comletely empty.




Final part of Thornwood, Glasgow – A popup art Gallery, Four Visions

The final part of my walk in Thornwood, extreme west of the West End, had us going into a pop-up art gallery, where the partner decided to purchase a mini- water colour of the Glasgow Underground.

Four Visions pop-up Art Gallery, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

I don’t know how long this has been here, thought I’ve thought that I’ve seen it before.

Very small inside, very homely and no hint of pretence – thank God.

Various shots of the Pop-Up

Also to note, we were not the only ones there, here’s hoping they stay for some time. Some might call it populist, but surely that it exactly what some art deserves, particularly for the struggling artist.


This week, Lisbon, cafe’s, etc – New Partick, Glasgow street art . . .

If you have been in Partick, in the West of Glasgow the last few weeks, there is a smattering of new street art:

Purdon Street Mural

I think that it’s both colourful and bright; a cure-all for our awful weather here in the West of Scotland!

My only complaint, is that it is replacing some of the murals that were created to celebrate the 2014 Commonwealth Games, that were held here back then. If you disagree, please go here, to add your opinions to Partick Community Council.

More this week from Lisbon, and various other things.


This week – Just back from Lisbon, more things this week.

Yeh, have not been on here enough – work, travel, etc; but will defo do more this week, finishing my latest travel to both Germany and Dunoon, but also will look back at my trip to Perthshire (Dunkeld / Birnam) again, the last week. But first, what about some brand new street art today in Glasgow.

New art on South Woodside Road

And I think it looks just fine! Plus, the artist was there, having just completed his work of art. And I believe he goes by the name of “@markwurst”, but am not really sure.

Another shot from the east, looking west

Cool! As I do not have a SINGLE bit of artisticness in my body.


New Week, more from Germany, and some more Glasgow Street Art –

Don’t have a bit of talent when it comes to art, but have simply always loved murals – we’ve more and more here, th0ugh they’re probably more correctly referred to as street art in these days. So during a recent walk to the city centre, I came across two more examples of this type of genre.

This being in the West End

The above from a “”. Is this their “tag”:

And the below, in the Garnethill part of the western city centre.

Art on Renfrew Street, Glasgow

Which may have a tag in the extreme upper, left hand corner, but is not readable.

I will say, that both appear to have a lot of pink in them! Who knows, maybe it serves a purpose here in Glasogw, due to the incredibly dark days that we have during our winter.

Later in the week, more from Germany (Bavaria) and from various restaurants / cafes I’ve been to lately.


More Glasgow Street Art – With a belated Climate Theme

Interesting this one, with all the walking about of the last few weeks, I’d noticed this wee gem somewhere in the West End of Glasgow.

COP26 – Climate Street Art

This is even more interesting, as the @fifthwallvc, is actually a corporate, international investment group?



More Glasgow Street Art – Ruthven Lane, West End, Glasgow

This art is located in Ruthven Lane, just off from Byres Road, and is a porthole into a good many, smaller shops and organisations.

Ruthven Lane, off Byres Road, West End, Glasgow, Scotland

Am not sure, but this signature looks like its “Dan Leo” and have searched for him to see if he has other work to his name.

He appears to be not only highly talented, but also to specialise in large, street murals – well done!

More work from Ruthven Lane, Glasgow


George Square, Glasgow – Illuminations for Christmas

What a surprise, a look at Glasgow’s quite small Christmas Market, dinner at a new restaurant on a very busy Glasgow Friday night, and then a completely pleasant walk into a very bright George Square – superb.

It started between the Xmas market, where we noticed a well known busker, Ben Montieth, who was an opener for Emilie Sands a few years ago, drawing a large crowd:

To a walk along Buchanan Street, itself very well lit up!

To the lights in George Square themselves, where my first impression was the simple amount of them! It turned the night into day, with many photo opportunities. First were the lights on the City Hall,

To various shots that included the Nativity Scene and some reindeer.

To the final shot, where a good deal of people, including our party, took a shot of themselves inside a lighted, hollow sphere.

I think it’s a Christmas bulb?