This week, Lisbon, cafe’s, etc – New Partick, Glasgow street art . . .

If you have been in Partick, in the West of Glasgow the last few weeks, there is a smattering of new street art:

Purdon Street Mural

I think that it’s both colourful and bright; a cure-all for our awful weather here in the West of Scotland!

My only complaint, is that it is replacing some of the murals that were created to celebrate the 2014 Commonwealth Games, that were held here back then. If you disagree, please go here, to add your opinions to Partick Community Council.

More this week from Lisbon, and various other things.


This week? I actually went to a Golf Show in Glasgow & had a nice walk to get there

And it, Bunkered Live 2022 – SEC, Glasgow, was not only fascinating with the amount of people, almost ALL men, who were there but also with the different stands that were there. But first, I had a nice walk there through the Sandyford area of Glasgow – Very pleasant. This area has undergone a transformation recently, with gentrification, more students and an incredible amount of class restaurants / cafes popping up.

The first part passed by the old Kelvin Hall, which has been purchased by Glasgow University a few years ago, as the yooni is undertaking a large refurbishment / new builds project in the area. And then passed by the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, and several other highlights such as the cherry blossom trees and a mosque from the Ahmadiyya part of Islam.

The next continued through some tenements of Sandyford, before we went through the 80s looking overpass / tunnel, to finally arrive at the Scottish Exhibition Centre (SEC).

It was the number of “contests” at the exhibition, that seemed to me where all the “real men” who were there, were interested in. These ranged from “Golf Darts”, to sand trap skills, to a chipping contest to get closest to the pin.

Golf Darts anyone?

Equally, a number of stalls had nothing to do with golf. These ranged from, believe or not, someone from the WWF and / or the Scottish Wildlife Trust, to an organic cat food stall, who I believe were from the Republic of Cats? Who would’ve thought! Who knows, they must have done some research as to just who would attend.

Join the Cat Revolution!


Kensington Gate Gardens, West End, Glasgow

Following on from a few days ago, when I started to showcase some of the private parks / gardens in Glasgow; my personal favourite is this diamond (below) in the West End (Ed; Again?!).

This is also located directly in front of some of the finest examples of red tenement housing on Earth. Please visit and walk by if you are ever here Glasgow – it’s only a 10 minute walk from Hillhead underground station.


Neighbourhoods in Glasgow – Hillhead – Part 2

Continuing from a few weeks ago, we’ll look at the central part of Hillhead, and not the circular route around the edges.

The area between the edges is largely part of the University of Glasgow, and is a mixture of tenements, student accommodation, Hillhead High School, and the university itself.

There exists a new type of community garden; good luck to them as the property prices in this area are sky high!

There’s an older look to the tenements, with a mixture of accommodation, as well as offices for the University.

Finally, there is the yooni itself, that has a combination of both traditional and many horrid pieces of brutalist 60s “works of art”!


Glasgow’s Tenements – Hyndland

Continuing the theme that shows off some of the truly stunning, Victorian tenements that we have to offer in Glasgow, I took a walk in the West End (again!) of the city, to the Hyndland quarter.

Thereupon, Kingsborough Gardens, complete with private park, was meandered through. What a world class street! And the hooses (Glasgow slang for “houses”) were amazing!

Equally, there exists a private park in the centre, between both sides of the two lanes; picturesque, subtle, practical – and I just love, the use of the word “proprietors”!