This week; the Thornwood area of West Glasgow, a newish café and various wanderings & more!

Thornwood, used to be out west of the West End of Glasgow, or at least that is how it seemed to me; even more west than Partick, but not anymore.

There are many newish restaurants and cafes in this area. And even some peculiar street art:

Royal Mail in Thornwood, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

What a beautiful thing to have! And so far, it has not really been vandalised. Long may that continue

How intricate



This Week – More on trips to Portugal, cafe’s, the Highlands, but first, I went to Wimbledon

Every now and then, I get lucky, and several years ago I did. We received some tickets to the Men’s Final at Wimbledon, and then were, very kindly, allowed to defer them until this year (Hello Covid, etc).

After the Women’s Doubles final

I’ll show more later this week, but will always remember seeing Nick Kyrgios in his first major final.


Back after an American excursion, more later, another Cafe’ – The Hyndland Fox, West End, Glasgow

Will soon report back on my recent forays to the Highlands, Lisbon!, and America (the last 2 weeks).

So went for a walk the other day, and in my effort to have 10,000 steps per day, bumped into the delightful, Hyndland Fox, that also (it was a Sunday), had a bi-weekly comedy club that we’ll check out soon.

I honestly didn’t know that, but who knows, maybe everything is getting back to normal finally?

I’ve been here before, and the one thing they’ve done, is to serve a more, minimal, fish and chips – let’s be honest, I can never really finish an entire, normal portion – with it usually being top-heavy with batter.

This is could handle easily. The pal’s food, was a more and more typical dish, with a red sauce being sent out with mussels. Though, I would normally prefer the white wine sauce, this was interesting.

Costello at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

As for the week, we went to see Elvis Costello last night, a review tomorrow!


This week – Just back from Lisbon, more things this week.

Yeh, have not been on here enough – work, travel, etc; but will defo do more this week, finishing my latest travel to both Germany and Dunoon, but also will look back at my trip to Perthshire (Dunkeld / Birnam) again, the last week. But first, what about some brand new street art today in Glasgow.

New art on South Woodside Road

And I think it looks just fine! Plus, the artist was there, having just completed his work of art. And I believe he goes by the name of “@markwurst”, but am not really sure.

Another shot from the east, looking west

Cool! As I do not have a SINGLE bit of artisticness in my body.


This week, and amongst many things, a look at the “art” scene in Dunoon . . .

More blogging about my trips to Bavaria and Dunoon, more cafe reviews(!) and maybe something else.

OMOS Presentation, Dunoon

But it was interesting to see that even in good, ole Dunoon, there is some form of an art scene. In this case, they had a film / presentation about 500 years of black culture in Scotland, and I will “review” it shortly for all to see!

Art Centre in Dunoon

In addition, the “art house” that housed it, had a brilliant café as well, and naturally I’ll review it also.

Also this week, I will start a series, of looking at just how good (or bad) supermarket cafe’s are! I’ll begin with Morrisons in Partick. If I survive the food, I’ll blog about it. . .


This Week – Reminiscing from Bavaria / Germany and More!

One of the things that I see on my many trips to Europe, is the quantity of cheaper, as in MUCH cheaper, alcohol.

Not wanting to get into any debate or arguments here about the nanny state in the UK, but to state facts – the alcohol has much less tax on it in Germany than here in the UK; and it seems to work out just fine.

Europe’s Excise Rates for Alcohol

The excise rates can be seen here. And above in the graph, with it not taking a genius to see that this merely confirms what I said above.

And this is what I saw again the past month. Please look at these two photos that I took in a hyper market in Bavaria.

And your eyes are not deceiving you here! That’s correct, bottles of wine from €1.49, or to state in pounds, about £1.15!



New Week, more from Germany, and some more Glasgow Street Art –

Don’t have a bit of talent when it comes to art, but have simply always loved murals – we’ve more and more here, th0ugh they’re probably more correctly referred to as street art in these days. So during a recent walk to the city centre, I came across two more examples of this type of genre.

This being in the West End

The above from a “”. Is this their “tag”:

And the below, in the Garnethill part of the western city centre.

Art on Renfrew Street, Glasgow

Which may have a tag in the extreme upper, left hand corner, but is not readable.

I will say, that both appear to have a lot of pink in them! Who knows, maybe it serves a purpose here in Glasogw, due to the incredibly dark days that we have during our winter.

Later in the week, more from Germany (Bavaria) and from various restaurants / cafes I’ve been to lately.


This week – Germany, other things, but wait, another, new Chinese Cafe’ we have in Glasgow

And what a name and quote to go with it:

I Love You Desserts – 23 Byres Road,Glasgow

“The world is a little bitter, I want to give you a little Sweet” – how darling!

I will have to check this place out, as I just LOVE sweets and note that this is hopefully another triumph here in the West End, and will add even more to the variety here and to the variety of the recent explosion of Chinese eateries in this particular area.


Week Ahead; I go to Europe next week!

Not done too much travelling recently, but am still eating at a variety of Glasgow restaurants / cafes. More on both later in the week.

NHS meatballs

Equally, one of these places to eat, was at none other than one of Glasgow’s fine NHS hospitals, as I had surgery the past week – I had the meatballs, that although looked terrible, tasted beautiful! 10/10

The “Sanctuary” at an NHS Hospital

In addition, particularly in these almost post-COVID days, I noticed a smaller chapel / place of quiet room, that seemed to me to be just what the doctor ordered. It was spacious enough, open to all beliefs / faiths, and looked to be something (quiet), and that should be encouraged – but both times I was there, it was empty!

I despair, but will blog a bit more later. And who knows, maybe it will be a review of more NHS food!


The Week Ahead – Cafe’s, St Andrews and Various bits of Culture

Hey, still to show you more of my exploits in the delightful town (or city?) of St Andrews. Check this out, what a cool wee pub by the 17th Hole:

The Jigger Inn

A great place for a late night pint. The pub has been there for some time and is now run by the Old Course Hotel.

As said before, will show more snaps of St Andrews, but not really about golf, as it is just SO self-contained, with culture, a university, theatres, etc.

I personally love the architecture and noted that there are some small similarities with other universities such as Oxford!