George Square, Glasgow – Illuminations for Christmas

What a surprise, a look at Glasgow’s quite small Christmas Market, dinner at a new restaurant on a very busy Glasgow Friday night, and then a completely pleasant walk into a very bright George Square – superb.

It started between the Xmas market, where we noticed a well known busker, Ben Montieth, who was an opener for Emilie Sands a few years ago, drawing a large crowd:

To a walk along Buchanan Street, itself very well lit up!

To the lights in George Square themselves, where my first impression was the simple amount of them! It turned the night into day, with many photo opportunities. First were the lights on the City Hall,

To various shots that included the Nativity Scene and some reindeer.

To the final shot, where a good deal of people, including our party, took a shot of themselves inside a lighted, hollow sphere.

I think it’s a Christmas bulb?



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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