Cafe Review; Henley’s Byre, West End, Glasgow

What struck me about this and just SO many places that I, in the end, venture into, is that it is unpretentious AND it’s always been here!  That’s right.  Must’ve walked by it hundreds of times, before I was starving / desperate / the other places were full / etc., and have since last year, been here many more occasions.  It’s probably my fave now.

Favourite dish, try ANY of the Soup / Sandwich deals.


Henley’s Byre, Byres Road, West End, Glasgow 

West Enders of Glasgow hear, hear; Café Source, Cafezique and Sparklehorse

Café Source, Hyndland, Glasgow; 31 January 2020 – Still unknown to many in the West End of Glasgow, as it’s tucked away in a sports club, on a side street in Hyndland, Glasgow, but does a very neat job of being a pub, restaurant and café (even simultaneously!), with a real ale and food selection, both “for the now people” as well as for those who want a gourmet pub meal.

Recommended; 4/5

Cafézique, Partick, Glasgow; 10 February 2020 – Is this an institution in the West End?  Until recently, it seemed that they were only interested in the “meal” crowd, but lately (maybe even for the last few years??), they’ve succumbed to the café (coffee and cake) brigade – and it’s still heaving!  Years ago, when it was de riqueur to be seen here at weekend breakfast, none other than David Moyes (please tell me you know him) was spotted by this author, having double parked (I thought) in order to attend this eatery for his Sunday roast.  What else do I have to say(!) other than we sat upstairs, the “scran” was a huge and beautiful vegan breakfast, with reasonable’ish prices (this IS the West End after all).

Recommended; 4/5

Sparklehorse, Partick, Glasgow; 14 February 2020 – What for a Valentines Day meal at your local!  I’ve eaten here a few occasions the last few years, and while it’s dark  inside, and primarily a pub, the “home cooking” is superb (Expect to wait a wee bit longer to get it, but it’s worth it!).  I had the vegan burger, which they seemed to have change from a strictly bean variety to a more solid type of patty.  Whilst the accompanier, chose a Greek pastry and tzatziki combo – both perfect and demonstrated a rather high degree of culinary skill.

Recommended; 4.5/5

Balbir’s, West End, Glasgow

Have been here numerous times the last few years, and am still amazed at just how easy they pull off the style, sophistication of the food and the laid back attitude, all at the same time.  It’s cavernous inside and still can be difficult to get a seat, particularly at weekends, though every time so far that we’ve had no reservation, they’ve gone out of their way to accommodate. 

In addition, the menu, at least to me, IS different, and I’ve tried a variety of options besides the Kormas and Bhunas of the world.  Always superb.


7 Church Street