Germany – Apfelwein in Frankfurt

I’ve been here before in order to watch the World Cup in 2006, where I only had a few of these (in cans), but they still blew my head off!

For this latest trip, we went to Kannonesteppel, on the Textorstrasse, which seemed to be a mecca for Apfelwein enthusiasts, as there were other of these types of pub / restaurants here.

Bembel with Schnitzel and Grüne Sauce

First of all, the Apfelwein is served here in something called a Bembel; that’s the pitcher that you see here (above).

Secondly, it was a bit more flat than before and less strong (though similar to a British Scrumpy).

Finally, I was told that it is only about 4 -5 percent alcohol, and I was mixing it with mineral water so that I could stand upright at the end of the night! This combined with the schnitzel and “Frankfurter Grüne Sosse” made this meal divine. I loved it, and the hof that was packed with punters loved it too!

Please go here and see for yourself.



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