The Thornwood Bar, Glasgow – Worth a Shout

I remember this place, The Thornwood, from a LONG time ago; a story involving a friend, who having been desperate for a pint, was “accidentally” shoved (and presumably lost much of his beer!) by a local inside here, who apparently didn’t take to any “outsiders” drinking in his local.

My, times have changed, as much has in this area of Thornwood, located on the extreme west of Glasgow’s West End.

This area over the past few years has now become an area filled with more and more cafes, pizza places, bicycle shops, etc – for the ever expanding West End, and for the continuing development southerly, on the River Clyde.

I tried the vegan burger, made from Falafel – brilliant; does what it says on the tin, along with a breakfast tea.



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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