English Trip – Leamington Spa – Interesting and Posh

After a recent trip to Warwick in England, I decided to go to the nearby town of Leamington Spa, another town in this region that appears to be not too short of dosh, as we say.

I was only there for over a day, but decided to go for a quick walk mainly in the middle of the town, near the Spa (though I am not sure if they actually have any water in it) and through their delightful riverside gardens.

I was impressed!

It always seems to me, that the English have a certain flair for this type of thing – a garden, water, benches, et al.

Whilst there, decided to take a tea & cake in one of these types of old Victorian / Edwardian tea rooms, that in this case has been restored.

Whilst there, I’d a conversation with the barista, and found out that I may have know his mother, as she also had gone to yooni in Glasgow – Wow!

We left back to our car, via a bridge over the river, with a late 70s(?) café that had both a good view, but may have still have been closed due to the lockdown



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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