Entertainments – Part 1; Wine Tasting, Hyndland Fox, West End, Glasgow

The great (now dead) Graham Greene once said about some of this books, that they were “entertainments” – there only for pleasure, entertaining and not to be looked at as great works of art.

One of these, Our Man in Havana, was actually superb, and described the early communist government in Cuba, worth a read!

First course!

So when I was out the other night, and attempted to find a restaurant, I happened to wander by The Hyndland Fox (again!), and noted that they had a wine night with tastings on – who could resist.

Second course

Whilst there at the entrance, we were greeted by staff, who after informing us of the night, then ushered us to our unreserved seats, exactly when the talks (between the courses) started.

Cheese course

A Frenchman was there to talk about this new “brand” or company from France known as Rift, with the idea of producing completely sulphur-free wine.


The tasting consisted of 4 courses, with an accompanying wine for each course, that consisted of:

  • Salmon
  • Duck & Potatoes
  • Cheese & Homemade Biscuits
  • Sorbet & Pate

With the highlight, being both the first and final courses. I’ve never tasted sorbet so rich, with the accompanying “pate” being unbelievable, like a candied caramel.

Interesting that I have been here before several times and it always strikes me as if they are trying to do something different; they’ve a comedy club here as well. So I was glad I walked about to find this place. I only wish that I had known about this night before; perhaps they have an email list that I could join?

But yet again, it’s another (IMO) world class foodie thing, right here in Glasgow, with the food and service exceptional, and naturally quite friendly.



Germany – Apfelwein in Frankfurt

I’ve been here before in order to watch the World Cup in 2006, where I only had a few of these (in cans), but they still blew my head off!

For this latest trip, we went to Kannonesteppel, on the Textorstrasse, which seemed to be a mecca for Apfelwein enthusiasts, as there were other of these types of pub / restaurants here.

Bembel with Schnitzel and Grüne Sauce

First of all, the Apfelwein is served here in something called a Bembel; that’s the pitcher that you see here (above).

Secondly, it was a bit more flat than before and less strong (though similar to a British Scrumpy).

Finally, I was told that it is only about 4 -5 percent alcohol, and I was mixing it with mineral water so that I could stand upright at the end of the night! This combined with the schnitzel and “Frankfurter Grüne Sosse” made this meal divine. I loved it, and the hof that was packed with punters loved it too!

Please go here and see for yourself.


Wine of the Week / TV of the Week –

None, except for Wimbledon and the Euros, though to be honest, football plays a small part of my life nowadays.

As a fan of Saturday Kitchen, every Saturday morning on the Beeb from 10.00am

Their resident expert / lush, Olly, reiterated strongly, that this was not only different than a Malbec from Argentina, but was also a totally different wine – he was correct.

It’s light, very jammy and fruity and can be bought for about a fiver from Aldi – what more do you want?


Wine of the Month (a belated February entry) – Black’s Station – 2017 -Malbec

I can’t even remember where I bought this, could it be Odd Bins?  Waitrose?  I clearly don’t recall, but if Malbecs are all the rage, I get that impression or at least have seen many in the weekend papers recently, then so be it.  It was jammy, a touch of sweetness and never, repeat, NEVER a hint of tannins.  There, I sound like a critic, but it was a very quaffable mixture and I’ll no doubt look for this or something similar again.