Café Swiss – another café in Glasgow, and one to be avoided . . .

Sorry, but does there or will there, ever be an end to the café madness that has swept around the UK and Scotland the last few years?

If it does end, may Café Swiss be the first casualty.

Excuse me, but to charge £16 for a tea, one piece of Spelt toast with Avocado (or Avo or smashed Avo – I forget?) and a miniature size mini-cheesecake is simply out of order. I did leave a quid tip, as the service was excellent – fast, friendly, and no rush; though at times, I was the only poor soul here.

Which is not surprising with these prices.

Not recommended, though I did sit outside a few weeks ago in the Sun; though at the time, I didn’t really fathom why it was just so easy to find a spare seat, now I know.



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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