Balbir’s, West End, Glasgow

Have been here numerous times the last few years, and am still amazed at just how easy they pull off the style, sophistication of the food and the laid back attitude, all at the same time.  It’s cavernous inside and still can be difficult to get a seat, particularly at weekends, though every time so far that we’ve had no reservation, they’ve gone out of their way to accommodate. 

In addition, the menu, at least to me, IS different, and I’ve tried a variety of options besides the Kormas and Bhunas of the world.  Always superb.


7 Church Street


Poundland Shopping – January 2020

So?  It was an eclectic mix but still well suited for my needs.  Maybe I’ve a sweet tooth, but at least this can be offset with the dry apricots.  Also, it included the previously blogged canned burgers, but I must say, that the incredibly cheap olive oil was worth it – couldn’t tell the slightest bit of difference between it and the “extra, extra, green, bio, vegan, etc, etc, stuff “ from Waitrose.

Purchased from Poundland, January 2020.

You wanted to buy it, but didn’t, so I did – First Entry – Westlers canned Burgers

The horror…the horror

Yes, it was that bad.  If you could imagine a hybrid of gravy, with the consistency of a soft butter spread, and mix it with a mashed McDonalds patty, you would roughly have the sight and texture of this beauty.  Oh, did I mention the taste?  Somewhere between a meat “candy” with added salt.  I loved it.

Wine of the Month (a belated February entry) – Black’s Station – 2017 -Malbec

I can’t even remember where I bought this, could it be Odd Bins?  Waitrose?  I clearly don’t recall, but if Malbecs are all the rage, I get that impression or at least have seen many in the weekend papers recently, then so be it.  It was jammy, a touch of sweetness and never, repeat, NEVER a hint of tannins.  There, I sound like a critic, but it was a very quaffable mixture and I’ll no doubt look for this or something similar again.

Endeavour (ITV) – Review

Anyone who has been watching TV the last few years, particularly the last few years, has noticed many trends, notably the complete (many people would say “completely exaggerated) use of digital effects in almost every series – most not necessary.  Equally, most recently there’s been a reliance on various colour filters (of course done digitally); with their favourites, or ONLY colours, being a brown / blue, green hinge.  In my opinion, it is over the top and only hinders the state of the story, plot, and characters development. 

This brings us to Endeavour, the prequel to the Inspector Morse series of the 80s and 90s.  The acting is rock solid, particularly the male lead played by Shaun Evans.  Whilst the plotting is deep enough to give sufficient background, but never a chore to follow.

I was pleasantly surprised that at a two hour length, it rather galloped, and while there is still an element of rolling story lines, the drama was still entirely episodic.

The month ahead. . .

We are finally “with it” in terms of using “blocks” in WordPress. Why do they do this? Many were perfectly content with using the old school content editor, but alas, no more. I digress. The month ahead will see:

  • ITV – A lot of watching of their new series has been happening; will review Vera, Midsomer Murders and Endeavour.
  • Beer / Wine / Alcohol of the week? Can’t you wait. . . ?
  • Poundland or Home Bargains? Come see just what I’ve bought there the last month.
  • And finally, the “You wish you had bought it, but have never bought it, so we bought it for you, in order to review it” category starts its reign. In this first dispatch, we will look at those “horrid” tinned hamburgers that until now, I have NEVER eaten! But I survived and will tell you all about it.

January – Here it goes. . .

Anyone who was awake during the last month, should have been aware of the various programs on the life of Billy Connolly (Billy Connolly: Life, Death and Laughter – BBC2, 10 & 23 January).  I watched at least two, the above and an ITV production (Billy Connolly: The Ultimate World Tour – ITV4, 8 January), and noticed that I simply could not stop from watching his physical deterioration.  For those who do not know, he has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for a few years now, but still maintains an unbelievable and uncontrived optimism that is positively infectious.  While there was the accompanying sentimentality, at the same time, I felt that he is still living a viable and enviable life – whether here in the UK or in the state of Florida.  May he have many more years remaining.

Billy Connolly - The Ultimate World Tour - A Review

Have you heard of “Begpackers”?

According to Zerohedge / the Guardian, this trend is reaching a critical mass in parts of Asia. Both articles make a good read, and as usual, the comments sections can be OTT. Personally, I’ve seen this in Hong Kong and it was not a big deal. You can either contribute or pass the “begpackers” while they hold their signs, sitting on the street (In my case, the “BP” was standing on a fence!). Equally, there would be plenty of options for the said governments, if they wished to solve this (if need be). Any views?