Thomas Dolby – The Golden Age of Wireless – 1982

All those years ago, it was impressed on me by the music press, that Thomas Dolby was the “mature” synth-popper of the early MTV days, and I do remember the various singles that then, were played on rock radio; She Blinded me with Science, and its B-side, One of our Submarines.   

I heard them many times, and also listened to various tracks from this album, even seeing Dolby at the Filmore in San Francisco, but until this week, had never actually listened to the complete work – why did I wait so long?!

It’s a marvellous “concept” album, much like OMD’s Dazzle Ships, released a year later, where one can find intelligence and still danceability on various tracks.

Flying North – Remastered

Well recommended – 4.5 / 5



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