Electrelane – Rock it to the Moon – 2001

Rock it to the Moon – 2001

I remember years ago, when the indie / music scene was just so much stronger, when there were literally hundreds of young bands everywhere, employing various degrees of musicianship (Verity Susman from Electrelane is actually classically trained, and currently writes film/ TV scores – Can this be said today of any young bands?).

Theses guys (girlz) caught my eye mainly through the infamous Metro free newspaper’s gig preview, and their equally bleak album cover – so a trip to see them, that night, at King Tuts in Glasgow had a sense of urgency to it (soon after, I was to see them in Charing Cross in London (stalker?)).

They lead off with the opening track from the album, The Invisible Dog, that live, blew my mind.  Everything was there; slowness, brooding, sparse, and an organ sound with a Farfisa?  If truth be told, some of the tracks ARE too long, and sometimes unfocussed, but what a first effort, that can blend in the background for your own soundtrack in your house.  4/5



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