Beer of the Week / Recipe of the Week – Honey Beer / Broccoli Slaw

I am trying to have this as a regular feature, but we do cook and drink(!) just so much, it’s hard to choose! One of the pet likes of mine, is to follow the myriad of TV chefs as they concoct, their often preposterous creations. We digress, as many of these, even if followed “loosely” can still be marvellous, but first, the BOTW:

This is a feature, at times, in a local Polish shop that I frequent. Whilst my Polish skills are non-existent, I can still gather from the label (and my taste) that there is some honey involved here somewhere. The beer’s name Miodne, actually means, you guessed it, “Honey”. The taste was of a non-overbearing honey beer, that was not too sickly with a full flavour. Will buy again.

As for the ROTW, a Broccoli Slaw; it comes from Sam Evans and Shauna Guinn, they of The Big Cookout on the BBC, and was featured on Saturday Kitchen, which is on BBC1 most Saturdays.

Whilst being a huge fan of broccoli, for both the cheapness and superfood benefits, I’d never before had or even thought of having it in its raw form? It was deliciously crunchy and blended in with the cranberries and honied yoghurt. One to make again!



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