Rustlers Burgers – Do people buy these? Yes!

I had a colleague years ago, who seemed to be always eating Rustlers burgers. Maybe he was lazy, maybe they were cheap, or maybe, just maybe, they tasted good and McDonalds was too far away to go to on your lunch break – and put up with the masses in the queues there.

I had one of them a year or so ago, and was not taken by it, but decided to give them a second chance, and for one quid at Poundland, why not!

I’m glad that I did. Because for £1, it was far more than I had expected, and only took a minute in the microwave to prepare.

This time it was a beef burger, and I’ve already purchased one of their chicken burgers to make it a “pair”!

And if you’re thinking that the meat is not actually real, at least according to their website, it is, and comes from either the UK or Ireland.




Author: shylustig

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