Apologies; no blogging, the Week Ahead. . .

Good Lord!  Its been a month almost since the last entries here, and does it show.  With this thing around us at this time, you’d think blogging would be easier, with more time, ideas, etc – But life can be even more crowded; have you noticed that?   Living in a tighter area, less escapes, etc. Anyway; what we will most definitely do for the future will consist of:

1) Window / Shop art on the Virus – Can’t you wait?

2) My shopping, Poundland, Home Bargains and naturally Wines and Beers!

3) TV, and in particular, a review of Van der Valk; it’s bad, and I mean, B A D. . .  


Café Review – My Bakery, West End, Glasgow

This place is simply a class above the other bakery / cafés here in the West End, whether it be the attention to detail, the “Latvian” touch or the quality food, at let us say, slightly higher than Greggs’ prices, but in this blogger’s opinion, definitely worth paying. 

In this case, it was a takeaway (Pity there are no takeaways from here during our present lock-down – Ed.), but the soup was perfect, the roll was tasty and soft (they should ALWAYS be this way) and the cake was decadent but not too fattening (I hope!).

Will be back – 4.5 / 5

Soup, Sandwich, Cake – Takeaway – Boootiful!

Social Distancing Etiquette?

With all the forms of Social Distancing that we have to do nowadays, be it  the two meter rule, having to stay indoors, ordering awful take-aways, etc, the one thing that I’ve noticed is etiquette and more importantly, of just who has “right of way” whilst walking on the pavement?  A solo traveller, or a group?  Should the soloist automatically “give way” to a couple who are headed your way? 

And if so, why?   Almost every time that this happens to me, they (the guilty couple) look at me with disdain and have a “we’re two, so get out of the effin way” look to them.  Mostly, I comply, but at times, and in order to keep to the golden two metre rule, I normally either go out into the street, or walk perpendicular to the cars that are parked to my side! 

Has anyone else noticed this?  Opinions?

What a lovely Couple!

Circulars? Will they ever go away?

Are these everywhere?  And surely in this day and age, there must be an alternative to them?  But as always we try to see the humour in everything.  But would anyone want to tell me, do people actually buy the products contained therein?  They must do! 

In addition, what are the strangest things that anyone has seen advertised?  I must confess, some of them are completely modern (the pictured furniture supplements, usually a plenty at or after the Christmas season); or completely old school such as the ones seemingly devoted to the OAP population, and containing anything from socks for circulation, to DIY heart pressure devices.  Maybe I’m going on too much, but it would appear that the cost is cheap enough, that we will continue to see these for the years to come. 

Cafe Review; Henley’s Byre, West End, Glasgow

What struck me about this and just SO many places that I, in the end, venture into, is that it is unpretentious AND it’s always been here!  That’s right.  Must’ve walked by it hundreds of times, before I was starving / desperate / the other places were full / etc., and have since last year, been here many more occasions.  It’s probably my fave now.

Favourite dish, try ANY of the Soup / Sandwich deals.


Henley’s Byre, Byres Road, West End, Glasgow 

Death in Paradise, BBC1 – A Retrospective

Ben Miller and Sara Martins

From 2011 to its recently finished season nine on BBC1, UK, Death in Paradise has become one of the most popular UK shows, consistently being in the Top 10 for its broadcast week, with it normally being the highest rated show for the day that it’s televised (1).  With its sunny climes (filmed in Guadalupe, in the Caribbean) and a jovial, formulaic plot, that always results in the murderer being nicked; it’s easy to watch and still, at times, difficult to guess just who the culprit is. 

As for the specifics, the team consists of a British Detective, who runs a small office in the mythical town of Honore’, St Marie, in the Caribbean Sea.  The three officers below him always bring their own skill set to the game; be it ambition to be a higher rank, street smarts, or outright zaniness.  It never fails to hit the spot.

Poole and Fidel

But as with many shows, I’ve always felt since I started watching it from mid-season in 2011, the first series was the best (Isn’t this always the case?).  Season 1 also had the pilot, and concerned DI Richard Poole, beautifully played by Ben Miller (2), just over from Croydon, in order to solve the murder of the then existing head of department.  From the start to the end of the season, this was the classic “fish out of water” type of character.  Poole being staid, eccentric, disheveled and with a hatred of all things “tropical island”; though why he continued to wear suits in the tropical heat was anyone’s guess.   

Poole drinking his fave cuppa

What was always better then, was the interplay between the four cops, and in particular, the banter / flirting between Poole and his second in charge, Camille Bordey, played delightfully by Sara Martins (3). The flirting was always from her towards him, like a lifelong couple who knew each other just SO well.

But at the same time, nothing ever came to fruition for the two, which was a good thing. In so many other shows, it would have resulted in some form of workplace romance, but this just made the exchanges between them even the better.  I think this not so obviousness was a key, and would like this, somehow, to return to the next series, season 10, in 2021.

1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_in_Paradise_%28TV_series%29

2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Miller

3) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sara_Martins

Death in Paradise, Season 9, BBC iPlayer

West Enders of Glasgow hear, hear; Café Source, Cafezique and Sparklehorse

Café Source, Hyndland, Glasgow; 31 January 2020 – Still unknown to many in the West End of Glasgow, as it’s tucked away in a sports club, on a side street in Hyndland, Glasgow, but does a very neat job of being a pub, restaurant and café (even simultaneously!), with a real ale and food selection, both “for the now people” as well as for those who want a gourmet pub meal.

Recommended; 4/5

Cafézique, Partick, Glasgow; 10 February 2020 – Is this an institution in the West End?  Until recently, it seemed that they were only interested in the “meal” crowd, but lately (maybe even for the last few years??), they’ve succumbed to the café (coffee and cake) brigade – and it’s still heaving!  Years ago, when it was de riqueur to be seen here at weekend breakfast, none other than David Moyes (please tell me you know him) was spotted by this author, having double parked (I thought) in order to attend this eatery for his Sunday roast.  What else do I have to say(!) other than we sat upstairs, the “scran” was a huge and beautiful vegan breakfast, with reasonable’ish prices (this IS the West End after all).

Recommended; 4/5

Sparklehorse, Partick, Glasgow; 14 February 2020 – What for a Valentines Day meal at your local!  I’ve eaten here a few occasions the last few years, and while it’s dark  inside, and primarily a pub, the “home cooking” is superb (Expect to wait a wee bit longer to get it, but it’s worth it!).  I had the vegan burger, which they seemed to have change from a strictly bean variety to a more solid type of patty.  Whilst the accompanier, chose a Greek pastry and tzatziki combo – both perfect and demonstrated a rather high degree of culinary skill.

Recommended; 4.5/5

Balbir’s, West End, Glasgow

Have been here numerous times the last few years, and am still amazed at just how easy they pull off the style, sophistication of the food and the laid back attitude, all at the same time.  It’s cavernous inside and still can be difficult to get a seat, particularly at weekends, though every time so far that we’ve had no reservation, they’ve gone out of their way to accommodate. 

In addition, the menu, at least to me, IS different, and I’ve tried a variety of options besides the Kormas and Bhunas of the world.  Always superb.


7 Church Street