Lewis – 2006-2015 – A reconsideration during Lockdown

With all the time spent in the house the last year, I decided to watch past series, that whilst I didn’t watch at the time, always thought would be quality – Lewis (2006-2015) came to mind.

As everyone should know, this was a continuation of the sidekick character from the Inspector Morse series (1987 – 2000), with Kevin Whately reprising his role as DI Robbie Lewis, along with Lawrence Fox as his able sidekick now, DS James Hathaway. 

As a fan of Morse, I wondered why I’d never watched before, though I may have seen the odd episode.  So the past year, it was no problem getting back into the vibe by consuming all 9 seasons, finishing this week.  The surprise of the whole thing, was the Morse like, boy-wonder Hathaway; often times consumed with guilt, remorse and confusion, after witnessing the many different murders and evil, deep in the county of Oxfordshire.

Lewis finale, “What lies Tangled” – DI Robert Lewis (Kevin Whately), Elizabeth Capstone (Zoë Tapper) DI James Hathaway (Laurence Fox, r.)

Equally, the Lewis character had that easy-going feel, that continued with his graduation to be the lead detective, that is pulled off quite easily.  At times, Morse is mentioned, but only rarely. 

On another note, towards the end of the series, it seemed that the “dark” themes were exaggerated; anything from alchemy, voodoo’ishness, myths & legends, etc, that we’ve seen a preponderance of the last ten years or so; as all crime series have become “dark” – complete with blue / brown colouring and mumbled dialogues.

The surprise?  That there was no sequel, to the sequel, with a Hathaway series.  Intriguing, as there could be a myriad of ways that this could go?  As a detective, as a supervisor, or even as an academic, say, back at his beloved Cambridge (a pilot on this is readily available from moi!). 

I hope this book stays open. 4.5/5


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