TV / Films of the past week – Le Mans (1971), Death in Paradise (BBC)

Le Mans (1971), BBC2, Sunday:

When I were a tot, I saw this on the big screen; it amazed me then and still does. Every trick that they could do and find, was done. Split screen, zooms (in and out), wide angle, slo-mo, etc, and to me, is the go to film for this type of style. Pity that Robbie Williams butchered it years later, for a pop video.

As so much slow-motion has been used the last few years, mostly poorly, please go to this film and see how it SHOULD be done. Not as a gimmick, but as something to augment emotion, action, and in this case – sheer terror; the scene when the driver knows he has to flee the car prior to an explosion, is outstanding. – A+

Death in Paradise, Season 10, Episodes 5 & 6, BBC1, Thursday / Friday:

It seems that after the initial two seasons, it lapsed, however enjoyably into what it thought it does best; pure escapism, hammed up acting, fun, nice people and during the winter, why not. But . . . someone decided to do a two-parter, and all of a sudden, it matured.

Gone were DI Neville Parker’s irritating allergies, scratching and other OTT mannerisms, and in came a genuine drama, suspense and even mystery. And with the return of the brilliant Detective Camille Bordey, from France to look after her attacked mother, Catherine, what more would anyone want. The touching scene where she imagines herself talking to the late, DI Poole (Ben Miller), the one love of her life, who she still imagines is here on Earth conversing with her, was wonderfully done and touching.

More of this please, you deserve it. – A


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