Music of the Month – Moon Duo

Occupying a mish-mash of neo-psychedelia, mood music, 60s drone and shoe-gazing, yet always in the context of a rock band, Moon Duo is the type of band, that you can either put on in the background, or sit in your favourite chair, with a beer or wine; and just listen to.

What’s particularly appealing, is the use of keyboards, with a devotion to a minimalism, which at least adds a distinctness to their sound. 

I could see them doing this in a small club, with reverb, echo and dry ice; it would be grand.

I listened to almost their entire back catalogue, and thought their most recent album, Stars Are the Light (2019), to be their most “poppy”. Little did I know, that the track below, already had over 2 million hits on Spotify.

“Lost Heads” – Moon Duo (from their latest album)



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