TV of the Week – Gordan Ramsay’s Bank Balance, BBC1

In reality, I’ve never really been a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay, though I’ve watched quite a few of his differing shows.  So it was interesting to see him the last few weeks on BBC1, to be thrown into the role of a gameshow host of Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance.

It must be said, that he has an empathising appeal.  He seems to always be on the side of the contestants, as they are answering questions, in order to stack their “money blocks” onto various places around a central fulcrum, making sure to never collapse it from its precarious balance – it works a treat!

It has the questions, the decision that the contestants must make (how many blocks should they choose each time), and the agony or delight when they actually have to place the blocks around the central point.  It can be cruel, but it can also be very compulsive viewing.




Author: shylustig

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