Glasgow Neighbourhoods – Woodlands

Nestled between the West End of Glasgow, the City Centre and the Park District, Woodlands has a feel for everyone, be they student, first time buyer, Hipster, working classer, etc.

For the map below, I basically started in the upper left-hand corner, and meandered counter-clockwise, heading East, and then came back, north-westerly, past the Tesco Express.

As stated before, there is a distinctive taste to Woodlands, no doubt contributed to by the many types who occupy it.  Years ago, when I resided here, and to be blunt it hasn’t really changed except for the house prices, there was a large Asian (Indian, Pakistani) population, along with students from the nearby Glasgow University, and cheap pubs.

Arlington Baths, Woodlands, Glasgow

Many are still here, but there has been an obvious proliferation of cafes and coffee places now, yet there is an always nice, and an unpretentious feel to it.  It almost has a don’t blink you’ll miss it look, as you head up to Hillhead (more later in the blog), and then onto Byres Road – West End ground zero! 

Woodlands Community Garden, Woodlands, Glasgow

Highlights would be anything from the Al-Furqan Mosque on Carrington Street, to the Woodlands Community Garden on West Princes Street, to my favourite, The Arlington Baths Club; a Victorian swimming pool.  

Al-Furqan Mosque, Woodlands, Glasgow

 I did a tour a few years ago, found them to be a very open, private club.



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