New Week, more from Germany, and some more Glasgow Street Art –

Don’t have a bit of talent when it comes to art, but have simply always loved murals – we’ve more and more here, th0ugh they’re probably more correctly referred to as street art in these days. So during a recent walk to the city centre, I came across two more examples of this type of genre.

This being in the West End

The above from a “”. Is this their “tag”:

And the below, in the Garnethill part of the western city centre.

Art on Renfrew Street, Glasgow

Which may have a tag in the extreme upper, left hand corner, but is not readable.

I will say, that both appear to have a lot of pink in them! Who knows, maybe it serves a purpose here in Glasogw, due to the incredibly dark days that we have during our winter.

Later in the week, more from Germany (Bavaria) and from various restaurants / cafes I’ve been to lately.



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