The week ahead. . .

This week’s entries. . .

This week, I will FINALLY be starting to blog about recent trips to the far east and continue with the write-ups about the different neighbourhoods in Glasgow.

I’ll start to write about China and in particular, Beijing – PLEASE go there asap. It was a revelation to me.

As for Glasgow, I’ll continue to look at certain areas, specifically, several in the city centre; Woodlands and Yorkhill.

These and more food, music and my take on certain online classes, that you would NOT normally do, as at present, I am taking an online dance class!



We’re back; when will this end . . . ?

It’s been some time to have the inclination to even blog or write, but that has hopefully changed. The agenda for this week, among other things is:

1) My photo collage of COVID standing instructions; you are warned. My favourites were from Aldi.

2) We have a new’ish French Patisserie in the West End of Glasgow; you’ll get my review, as I’ve used them quite a few times during the lockdown (and before).

3) As travel is not anyone’s thing right now, we’ll start to go over some previous travels / tips / etc. First one up, will be Beijing.

Apologies; no blogging, the Week Ahead. . .

Good Lord!  Its been a month almost since the last entries here, and does it show.  With this thing around us at this time, you’d think blogging would be easier, with more time, ideas, etc – But life can be even more crowded; have you noticed that?   Living in a tighter area, less escapes, etc. Anyway; what we will most definitely do for the future will consist of:

1) Window / Shop art on the Virus – Can’t you wait?

2) My shopping, Poundland, Home Bargains and naturally Wines and Beers!

3) TV, and in particular, a review of Van der Valk; it’s bad, and I mean, B A D. . .  

The month ahead. . .

We are finally “with it” in terms of using “blocks” in WordPress. Why do they do this? Many were perfectly content with using the old school content editor, but alas, no more. I digress. The month ahead will see:

  • ITV – A lot of watching of their new series has been happening; will review Vera, Midsomer Murders and Endeavour.
  • Beer / Wine / Alcohol of the week? Can’t you wait. . . ?
  • Poundland or Home Bargains? Come see just what I’ve bought there the last month.
  • And finally, the “You wish you had bought it, but have never bought it, so we bought it for you, in order to review it” category starts its reign. In this first dispatch, we will look at those “horrid” tinned hamburgers that until now, I have NEVER eaten! But I survived and will tell you all about it.