Euro Trip – Germany and France – A random walk in Bavaria

Yes, in Bavaria again, and have always found it very good, to just go for a walk and see if there is anything different that strikes me.

I’ve been to Germany many times, but something always hit me, that many who have not been here, would probably find quite odd.

Yes, the above is a gigantic (not sure if I’ve blogged on this before) climbing wall, right next to a children’s school or nursery (a KITA perhaps).

With a smaller wall, for the children I presume?

It’s part of a club, and is right in the middle of a housing estate; but looks very well maintained. And the walk there, involved some grapes, growing at the rock wall by the sidewalk! Amazing.

Equally, just round the corner, as this was a Sunday walk, came across one of these huge quality / inexpensive German supermarkets, where the amount and variety of goods is amazing.

This was a Kaufland, and owing to German laws, it is not open on Sundays! In fat, NOTHING is open on Sundays, except bakeries, some restaurants, and petrol stations (maybe more, but am simply not sure).

As you can see, NO ONE is there, as the car park is empty.



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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