279 Café Bistro, West End, Glasgow – Another veggie Burger – Different!

279 Café Bistro, Glasgow

I must have walked by here several thousand times, another place that was on my list, and finally went in this week to see just what it has to offer. Equally, with a bistro vibe, it also happens to be one of the few restaurants in this area of the West End that is open late.

The décor and food were spot on, and had a lovely chat with the head waiter / proprietor about Corona, opening hours, strategy for day or night diners, etc.

I once again went for a non-meat burger, and was surprised that there were two choices (and staples in this type of food); haloumi or bean burger – I chose the former and also decided to have it “with cheese”; that the waiter and myself laughed about – a cheese burger, with more cheese!

Haloumi and Cheese Veggie Burger

It was lovely, healthy and the stack of chips was like a Rubik’s cube. The addition of avocado was an added plus.

4 /5 – Recommended

Will also in the near future, try their night menu.



Author: shylustig

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