Kensington Gate Gardens, West End, Glasgow

Following on from a few days ago, when I started to showcase some of the private parks / gardens in Glasgow; my personal favourite is this diamond (below) in the West End (Ed; Again?!).

This is also located directly in front of some of the finest examples of red tenement housing on Earth. Please visit and walk by if you are ever here Glasgow – it’s only a 10 minute walk from Hillhead underground station.



Hughenden Drive Park, West End, Glasgow

This is the start of something that I have always found intriguing in certain parts of Glasgow, where from the Victorian era, there exists a great deal of private parks / gardens; if that is a correct terminology.

Park is bordered by Hughenden Rd, Devonshire Terrace & Hughenden Drive

I’ll look into why this is so, but in a delightful area, that also happens to adjoin a cricket pitch and tennis courts at the nearby Hillhead Sports Club, there is this wee gem, that is small enough to manage (at least to me?), but large enough to seem grand.