Cateran Trail – Part 2 – Lunch Hut to Lair

Day 2, as we were just so close to the Lunch Hut –

(only around a corner from where we camped at, the night before), we stopped there and used our stove inside (shame on us) to make a cup of tea.

Spittal of Glenshee – Lair

From here, as the weather was sensational (and after reading some dreadful bothy graffiti, and the wonderful signature book), we headed off to the summit of An Lairig (a pass between two higher peaks), at a height of 648 meters, that had wonderful views looking back on the route where we had come from.

From here, it was all downhill to the Spittal of Glenshee, that unfortunately was completely closed due to COVID. It would’ve been a welcome relief with its one café, but from here, it was now to head east, then south onwards to Lair, and a shop / café at the Wee House of Glenshee, on the A93. We arrived too late and hence, after another 10 minutes, just over the A93, we camped for a second night.



This week / Cateran Trail, Perthshire, Scotland

Another week, and I’ve been so busy, but am writing now more than before (finally). Will give a review of a restaurant (a changing one) that I’ve been to recently in Glasgow, but will start with a recent walking holiday, on the little known Cateran Trail, in Perthshire – Will be back as well!

The Cateran Trail:

Cateran Trail

Had heard of this a few years past, when in Kirkmichael / Blairgowrie, and felt intrigued, as it was both circular, and remote – We needed to use a tent two nights.

The first day, we travelled from Kirkmichael to just by the Lunch Hut (Used by none other than Queen Victoria a long time ago!) on the way to Spittal of Glenshee. Enjoy the fotos, it was actually quite warm, and the stream next to the tent site was beautiful to drink from.