The Week Ahead / Cateran Trail – Part 3

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This week, will finish a look at my recent trip doing part of the Cateran Trail, where we finished the top, circular part. We will also look at some recipes, restaurant / cafe reviews from Glasgow, and a look at Glasgow highlights (their Churches) and maybe a “First Hit, Last Hit” from a pop band from the past . . .

Cateran Trail:

We will finish the walk later in the year, but would first say, that it is one of those rare walks that is circular, and is therefore a relief for people who simply want to start / end in the same spot (where they have either travelled to using public transport, or have parked their car).

The final day, we decamped and left to return to Kirkmichael, in Perthshire. This was probably the most enjoyable of the three days, as it was only 4 to 5 hours to walk, was sunny and was mostly downhill!

Whilst finally in Kirkmichael, I had a very interesting talk with the shop assistant, who told me that they (the village) had had a very tough time during COVID, and the winter. She also noted that the village itself had fewer and fewer people residing there, as the flats in front of the shop on the High Street, were virtually ALL holiday lets.

Depressing . . .



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