The Cateran Trail – Part 4 (we cheated) to Bridge of Cally / Blairgowrie / The Strawberry Farm Shop, north of Perth

After the arrival in Kirkmichael and a bought lunch (tasted great!), we headed via car, to Bridge of Cally, with the intention of walking to Blairgowrie, which went astray! We stayed the night and the next day shifted with the car to Blairgowrie.

What a very small place, with the hotel the Bridge of Cally hotel, being packed yet the food was wonderful – world class btw. We needed the sleep and chill, and the next morning, I discovered that the A93 to the front of the hotel was closed. After I enquired, I was told that this was due to yet another road fatality on the A93 to Blairgowrie. I can only say, that on the same road heading south to BOC, the level of driving whether a caravan or not, was simply appalling! Take care, though this may have been due to the fact that this was one of the first days where travelling was allowed after COVID.

Once in Blairgowrie, where we discovered that they are the Strawberry or Berry capital of the World, we went for a short roam, and found a path on the Cateran Trail, that followed the river into the town. Some shots are below, and was struck by the sheer beauty of the place. Afterwards had a tea / cake in a cafe, the delightful Cateran Cafe in the heart of Blairgowrie.

Finally, after leaving on the A93 again to Perth, we came to a bend in the road and just simply HAD to stop at the best stocked farm shop (The Strawberry Farm Shop) I’ve seen. The cake / pecan pie / brownie was heaven!

After about £60 worth of grub was bought, we stumbled back to Glasgow.



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