Glasgow, Woodlands – New Cubes Installed?

Have you ever just wandered, this time to go into town, and then something, and I mean something, just strikes your eye?

This happened today when I was confronted by a series of glass cubes, temporary in nature in the Woodlands / Kelvingrove area.

Cubes on the corner of Eldon and Park roads, West End

The area where they are located is actually both in front of the north exit to Kelvingrove Park, and in front of St Silas Episcopal church. Perhaps they will be used by either, or if they have it this year, the Gibson Street Gala, which is normally only up the road by about 50 metres, and usually takes place each year’ish, every June for a few days (or a day?) at about the same time as the West End Festival runs; though I am not too sure.



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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