Week Ahead / Film of Last Week!

Glasgow, churches, and “I ate it so you don’t have to!”

Another week approaches, and will delve into detail on certain churches here in Glasgow – a must for anyone wishing to visit.

Also, will start looking back at some travels, as current travelling is verboten! For those of you who don’t know, we’ve been locked down here in Glasgow for some time.

Bentos – Pie in a Tin!

Finally, will resurrect an old idea; you know that stuff in Iceland or Tesco, that you simply would NEVER buy and eat! Well, we did, and will give our review of one of Bentos’ products here for your perusal. I’ve had one before and it was simply dreadful!

We plane forgot to do many things last week; one was our film or TV of the week, a brilliant piece on witchcraft, “Night of the Eagle”, with Peter Wyngarde (who would go on to be a superstar in the UK in the early 70s) from 1962, as an academic with a witch of a wife.

Low key, black & white and at times spooky, on a very low budget. Why can’t they make ’em like that any more? It was once again, on that more and more brilliant channel, Talking Movies, I believe channel 81 for those with Freeview.

If not, it can be viewed on Daily Motion, here.



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wandering, traveling, observing things

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