Café – Coffee Club, Clydebank

Have you ever just wondered into an area or place, not knowing what to expect?  Or, as in my case, have you ever been desperate to go to a place, as it is literally your last port of call (in this case, due to the lockdown that we still have in Glasgow)?  As the above graphic shows, the nearest place is at least a few kms away; with the location on the A82 being ideal.

Owing to our still being in Level 3, this café is the furthest one can “go West!” and still legally be in obeyance to the law.  It wasn’t a mistake to do it.

It’s a strange one, on one hand, there is a golf shop attached to it, and on the other there’s a mini-golf area, resplendent with an accompanying giant dinosaur!  Brilliant!

Equally, there’s an eccentric mix here; posh golfers, moms and weans, businesspeople (as it’s the only place near here that does coffee), and the locals.  They’re here for one thing in my opinion though, the food, from the café / restaurant is simply delicious, with enormous portions – served quick and ably. I had the Coronation chicken sarnie with tea.

Honestly, that’s all I expect nowadays, and they have simply never failed me on my infrequent times here, especially on the way back from the Highlands.

4 / 5



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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