Glasgow Photo of the Week

One of these weeks, will start a look at the various churches we possess in Glasgow, so as a teaser, what about this photo of one former, and one current church using a zoom lens even!

Websters Theatre and St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral

And a more close up shot:

The first is a previous Church of Scotland, but now a theatre, events centre, whilst the second is the current Scottish Episcopal cathedral of the Glasgow and Galloway diocese.

The former having the third thinnest steeple in all of Europe? Or so I was told in the past.



Week Ahead / New Series; “Glasgow’s Churches”

So starts a new week, and still I feel I don’t blog enough, though I finally do have enough time owing to certain things.

Another week, etc. . .

This week. will do some more things on previous trips around Scotland and the World, and start to do some more reviews of cafes / restaurants here in Glasgow (we’ve SO many), but will also start to look at some of the many, marvellous churches that we possess here. And you don’t have to be religious to take in the beauty of these buildings.

The first is one in the West End, and is of the Roman Catholic variety, with something of brilliance at the alter, that of shear marble. But more tomorrow.