TV of the Week – “Weird or What?” – Blaze TV, Wednesdays (with Bill Shatner!)

Years ago there was a godawful show on American TV called “Ripley’s – Believe it or Not”, where a pompous Jack Palance, would enunciate these OTT words, whilst lighting a cigar and for emphasis, would add a brilliant pause . . . between it and or Not; staggering!

Logically following, we now have “The Shat” doing the similar, drawing out the title words, but with a degree of humour.

What amazes me, although at times I was yelling at the TV, is thinking that many of the claims were deranged nonsense, but it’s just so friendly and believable!

I thought that this was a new show; it isn’t as it’s actually nearly a decade old – time flies!

There are usually 3 to 4 stories per episode, with each pertaining to a distinct theme – this one was about parallel worlds, with the stories ranging from teleportation, to crystal skulls and shadow people.

Will watch again.



TV of the Week – The 1951 Festival of Britain: A Brave New World

This documentary that was re-run this week, is actually from 10 years ago, and just shows how the BBC certainly “don’t make ‘em like they used to do”.

My Lord, with the exception of a slight, though true, anti-Tory comment towards the end as to why the main buildings, with the exception of the festival hall, were to be torn down; it was a fair, enlightening, and most importantly, upbeat celebration of all things from the UK.

I’ve been in the festival hall before, several times, but never realised why it was actually built – now I know.


January – Here it goes. . .

Anyone who was awake during the last month, should have been aware of the various programs on the life of Billy Connolly (Billy Connolly: Life, Death and Laughter – BBC2, 10 & 23 January).  I watched at least two, the above and an ITV production (Billy Connolly: The Ultimate World Tour – ITV4, 8 January), and noticed that I simply could not stop from watching his physical deterioration.  For those who do not know, he has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for a few years now, but still maintains an unbelievable and uncontrived optimism that is positively infectious.  While there was the accompanying sentimentality, at the same time, I felt that he is still living a viable and enviable life – whether here in the UK or in the state of Florida.  May he have many more years remaining.

Billy Connolly - The Ultimate World Tour - A Review