TV of the Week – “Weird or What?” – Blaze TV, Wednesdays (with Bill Shatner!)

Years ago there was a godawful show on American TV called “Ripley’s – Believe it or Not”, where a pompous Jack Palance, would enunciate these OTT words, whilst lighting a cigar and for emphasis, would add a brilliant pause . . . between it and or Not; staggering!

Logically following, we now have “The Shat” doing the similar, drawing out the title words, but with a degree of humour.

What amazes me, although at times I was yelling at the TV, is thinking that many of the claims were deranged nonsense, but it’s just so friendly and believable!

I thought that this was a new show; it isn’t as it’s actually nearly a decade old – time flies!

There are usually 3 to 4 stories per episode, with each pertaining to a distinct theme – this one was about parallel worlds, with the stories ranging from teleportation, to crystal skulls and shadow people.

Will watch again.



Author: shylustig

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