January – Here it goes. . .

Anyone who was awake during the last month, should have been aware of the various programs on the life of Billy Connolly (Billy Connolly: Life, Death and Laughter – BBC2, 10 & 23 January).  I watched at least two, the above and an ITV production (Billy Connolly: The Ultimate World Tour – ITV4, 8 January), and noticed that I simply could not stop from watching his physical deterioration.  For those who do not know, he has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for a few years now, but still maintains an unbelievable and uncontrived optimism that is positively infectious.  While there was the accompanying sentimentality, at the same time, I felt that he is still living a viable and enviable life – whether here in the UK or in the state of Florida.  May he have many more years remaining.

Billy Connolly - The Ultimate World Tour - A Review

Author: shylustig

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