Kelvin Way, Glasgow, Scotland – Something done right during COVID

One of the better things during these COVID days, if there could be one, is the fact that many people here in Glasgow, Scotland, and presumably in the UK, have been forced to stay on the island and see what we have here.

Specifically here in Glasgow, the local council decided to pedestrianise the Kelvin Way; a tree line boulevard that separates our Kelvingrove Park, from Glasgow University.

I went for a brief walk there recently, and noticed this again, free from cars, though not from the odd insane bicyclist!

Kelvingrove Park Bandstand

In addition, I had a shot of our wonderful bandstand, that at one stage a few years ago was borderline derelict, but now looks splendid, particularly when we have sun!



Tape, signs, directions – Lockdown images – West End, Glasgow

Heartfelt comments, Little Italy, West End, Glasgow

The one thing that I have noticed, with constantly trying to shop for food, is the plethora of tape, directions and signs in shops nowadays.  Have you seen this in Glasgow or wherever you live?  In the future, I’ll do a longer piece, analysing the art, etc, but for now, please enjoy some photos and notice the difference in colours.  Which do you prefer, white or the ever so bland, safety tape?

Directions to Marks and Sparks, West End, Glasgow
Sainburys, Byers Road, Glasgow

Go on, have a takeaway! Root Candy, West End, Glasgow

Root Candy’s menu

In this day and age, it would seem that takeaways (for obvious reasons!) are all the rage. According to the FT, there has been a rebound in their usage this year.  Being in the West End of Glasgow, with our plethora of restaurants, cafes and takeaways, one sensational outcome of these days, is that many restaurants that normally wouldn’t, are now doing takeaways (or at least that’s how it seems). 

And with this epiphany, comes a newer, vegan place called Root Candy.  I’ve used them several times for their takeaway service; with a personalised, promptness being a forte.  The food?  It’s filling, exquisite and delicious, with the result being that I have finally discovered a vegan burger, that is not a “fake” meat or a collection of mashed beans.  I believe they use some form of cress, in order to keep it bound and intact.  Wonderful.

The Nachos of Root Candy

Social Distancing Etiquette?

With all the forms of Social Distancing that we have to do nowadays, be it  the two meter rule, having to stay indoors, ordering awful take-aways, etc, the one thing that I’ve noticed is etiquette and more importantly, of just who has “right of way” whilst walking on the pavement?  A solo traveller, or a group?  Should the soloist automatically “give way” to a couple who are headed your way? 

And if so, why?   Almost every time that this happens to me, they (the guilty couple) look at me with disdain and have a “we’re two, so get out of the effin way” look to them.  Mostly, I comply, but at times, and in order to keep to the golden two metre rule, I normally either go out into the street, or walk perpendicular to the cars that are parked to my side! 

Has anyone else noticed this?  Opinions?

What a lovely Couple!