Social Distancing Etiquette?

With all the forms of Social Distancing that we have to do nowadays, be it  the two meter rule, having to stay indoors, ordering awful take-aways, etc, the one thing that I’ve noticed is etiquette and more importantly, of just who has “right of way” whilst walking on the pavement?  A solo traveller, or a group?  Should the soloist automatically “give way” to a couple who are headed your way? 

And if so, why?   Almost every time that this happens to me, they (the guilty couple) look at me with disdain and have a “we’re two, so get out of the effin way” look to them.  Mostly, I comply, but at times, and in order to keep to the golden two metre rule, I normally either go out into the street, or walk perpendicular to the cars that are parked to my side! 

Has anyone else noticed this?  Opinions?

What a lovely Couple!

Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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