TV of the Week – Die Schlager Traumparre (The Hit Record Dreampairs) – RBB Berlin, August 20, 22:30

My God, my second show of the week in Germany, about the continuing popularity of the Schlager genre of pop music in Germany.

Schlager Singer Helene Fischer & the German Football team

If you don’t know what Schlager is, then there are no doubt plenty of definitions about this music on the web, to me though, it is a combination of:

  • Europop
  • German Cabaret
  • German Beerhall
  • Hi-Energy
  • Synth Pop (nowadays)
  • Germany Volk (folk) music

This is combined with the lyrical content of an average Country and Western song; one of the beauties in this special, was how one of the female singers wanted her hairspray to be used on her own hair!

These guys also featured in the show:

Die Amigos – Schlager Champions!

You may laugh, but their recent album this year, again crashed in at Number 1 in the German album charts. According to their website, it’s their 13th number 1 album in Germany. Staggering!

It once again shows the diversity of this country that I am now in, and also, that if you don’t actually live here or travel here, you may never know some of its idiosyncrasies.



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