Week Ahead / Best TV Last Week (late) – Lucan (ITV) –

This week will continue looking at various things, from my taste in TV, my recent trips to the Far East (Hong Kong) and some shots of Glasgow and various things of interest here.

But first, my TV from last week. This concerns a series from 2013 that is being re-run on ITV about the disappearance of Lord Lucan in 1974, called Lucan.

For those unfamiliar with Lucan, even to this present day in the UK, if a person has not been seen for some time, whether a colleague, friend or family member; you can still heard said, that the person in question is “like Lord Lucan”, or something similar along those lines.

Author interviewing witness to Lucan

I had originally watched this, but only glancing at times, as it follows an author years later, interviewing various Lucan acquaintances, in order to find the truth as to just what happened to him after he murdered the family maid.

For one thing, it certainly transported me to a different world, both in time and in class. Whilst at the same time, the dialogue between Lucan and his casino owning friend, as Lucan had a BIG problem with gambling, are simply too preachy and OTT.

This was only part 1, where Lucan mistakenly murders his maid, rather than his Lady wife and is something that the British do quite well, particularly when it’s combined; crime and historical drama.



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