The Far East; Hong Kong – Part 1 –

As I am all travelled out as of present, I’m looking back at previous trips in my “repertoire” from the recent past.

A few years ago, I was in the position to go to the far east on two occasions, over the course of a year. The first trip included for a start, going to Hong Kong; a place that I had always wished to visit. Due to subsequent events over the last year such as the takeover of HK by the Beijing government & of course, COVID. I am now glad that I did go.

The first thing of note, was the size (or unsize!) of my hotel room – it was tiny, with an even smaller kitchen and loo. I thought to myself, really, I may only work the odd hour or two a day inside, and then be off from the room, so it was really not a problem. Does ANYONE really spend a lot of time during the day in their hotel room, on holiday?

The second thing, was the sheer heat & humidity of the city. It would have been unbearable to be inside for long periods of time, without the cold as ice, air conditioning unit that we had. Outside was bad enough, but at least there was a breeze at times and the occasional violent thunderstorm; storms so busy, that there exists a warning system in HK, where the city can simply be shut down.

The second day, we decided to go for a walk. Where we entered a market, with naturally, live fish to be bought! Later, we used some of the wonderful old trams that exist amongst all the high rises and other pieces of modernity – more on these teak works of art later.

Finally, we visited the edge of the harbour, with lovely views of Kowloon to the north (we were staying to the south on Hong Kong Island, in the Wan Chai area, where the financial sector is), and a collection of life-size plastic models of something Asian / Chinese.



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