Loch Lomond – Part 3 – The picturesque village of Luss . . .

Luss is one of those places that you like (it’s beautiful, has walks, is next to Loch Lomond, has a multitude of pubs / restaurants – and even has a scene or church from the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, if that’s your thing, at Luss Parish church – maybe it does, as the number of weddings in its diary is amazing!) or don’t like; it has too many tourists, there’s too many people from Glasgow (they simply DON’T travel any further north than here!), and has a packed carpark; though they do have a new, purpose built one on the south of the town since the last year.

I cycled to here from my Cameron House stay, and had a lunch among the midges that consisted of a wonderfully textured veggie burger (one of the best I’ve had) and chips, at The Village Rest cafe.


Interesting for those of you who have not had to survive the midges during a Scottish “summer”, it’s only later in the day, where one discovers that they’ve been bitten dozens of times by these things. The local “known” cure is Avon’s “Skin so Soft” and I would have to vouch that it does, indeed work, though I had forgotten to use it on this particular day!

For a laugh, please see this link, where a debate ensues! OTOH, there is also a product called Smidge, which I also use (and forgot to bring as well!), which has it’s own “forecast” as to the midge situation. Check it out!

After the lunch, we had a wander to the quay, and had an ice cream whilst watch the numerous queueing for the boat or trying their hands at canoeing, etc.



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One thought on “Loch Lomond – Part 3 – The picturesque village of Luss . . .”

  1. Great post and such wonderful photos. We had plans to explore Scotland, Loch Lomond including for two weeks last year, but then the pandemic crisis hit hard. Hopefully we’ll be able to travel once again soon, Scotland is still on my travel wish list. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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