Cafe’ – Sugarfall Patisserie, West End, Glasgow

Sugarfall is a place that I really have no idea if I’ve ever written about before. It’s a wonderful, high end (though expensive) bakery, that is similar to the very best of a French cafe’ (mainly aimed at cakes / deserts). So I will now.

I’ve been here numerous times over the last few years, but must say that this is the first time that I’ve encountered real cutlery here (or elsewhere)! And who knows, they could have been real gold as well?

It certainly goes with the surroundings, comes complete with a decent serviette, and is something that adds a touch of class to this establishment.

Though I must say, with their recent refurbishment they seem to be aiming at a more take-away clientele, having reduced the number of seats inside, whilst expanding the coffee / til area.

Not to worry, will return.



Author: shylustig

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