First hit, last hit – Prince

This is the start of this type of entry, and one that has intrigued me for some time.  It is particularly interesting in these days, as many of the old school rockers and artists, whilst never being able to have enough streams (free) for their albums and in particular, for their singles (if they even release them) to be “hits”, are at the same time selling out concerts where the minimum ticket is 25 to 50 quid.

A while ago, I was listening to an American commentator, who mentioned the same thing.  It concerned Bob Segar or Prince, and stated the obvious, that their back catalogs were worth a fortune, but as for their fortunes nowadays, they were weren’t worth a nickel!

Well, if I had a back catalogue like either, count me a has been!

As for Prince, his first top 40 in the UK was “1999”, released in 1982.  While his last was from 1997, entitled “The Holy River” *.  Only fifteen years!  A slice of nice, easy listening with colours, which you can find below:



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