Beer of the Week

As I was just in Europeland for about a month, please wait for the picts!  But on a more important note, once there, I was in a delightful German border town, that served a sensational form of lager from draught (vom Fass!).

You heard right, lager! 

This one, entitled Öcher (Oecher), was superb with a hint of sweetness, and I shall be hunting it down via the internet, asap.

But, borrowing the completely pretentious “beeradvocate. com” notes, one must say:

A- Warm, fluffy, golden tone, nice foam on it, that didn’t disappear.  Vernacular; “good bevvy”.

S- Beerish! Like an alcoholic candy.

T- Nutty, as in the type you get at Christmas, with a taste of sugar, just a hint.

M- It smacked of a full bodied lager, but not that shite Budweiser!  Give us a break.

D- Could drink gallons of this stuff; thought is was 4.5%.  Brewed in Lahnstein:

Oecher lager – Prost!

Author: shylustig

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