Bavaria – Part 1

It’s probably been said numerous times; a traveler goes to Munich, and talks about, or ONLY talks about the Lowenbrau tent at Octoberfest, and getting hammered, etc.  Seen it, done it, years, as in YEARS ago!  Not impressed, and besides, for anyone with any, and I mean any inclination or brains, it’s Augustiner beer that’s the best that Bavaria (or Munich) produces.  So the purpose of this post, is not the stereotypical reminiscing about Deutschland, but of some unknown or even idiosyncrasies that I’ve noticed this last trip and before.

First, the cigarette machines.  Yes, they are everywhere, and with a finger to the PC brigade, it gives people there the choice – and btw, you can only purchase with credit cards; no cash.

Cigarettes for Sale publicly

The second part, is the food.  Whoever has said that the cuisine in Germany is shite, has simply never been there or in Bavaria.  Even something very simple as a salad, has ALWAYS come in a dressed, elaborate manner, that is delicious.  For example the Swiss variety of Wurstsalat (sausage salad).  So simple, with a non-fattening style of dressing; more vinegar than oil.

Wurstsalat – Swiss variety

As for the Churches, that will be next, in Part 2, when you can see my report from one of their St James Caminos.


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